Employer Retirement 401(k) Services

401(k) Retirement Plan Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

A well-designed 401(k) plan can help your company:

  • Attract the people it needs to grow and prosper 

  • Retain your best employees who want to save for retirement

  • Obtain tax benefits that may be available to employers

Fiduciary Standards

We help the trustees of your plan meet all of ERISA’s regulations for the prudent investment of your employees’ assets. We are financial fiduciaries just like the trustees of your plan.

Plan Design

We provide open architected investment options so your employees are not limited to proprietary investment alternatives. Our plans are custom tailored to fit the demographics of your company. You select the options that work best for your employees.

Investment Choices

Your employees will have an array of investment options based on investment horizons and tolerance for risk.


Our custodian is Charles Schwab. They are the custodian that has physical possession of your employees’ assets. We work with your 401k plan administrator to provide a seamless investment process for your employees’ assets.

Employee Communication

We provide secure communications for all of the information that is associated with the investment of your employee’s 401k plan assets. You will receive monthly and quarterly reports that are provided to the trustees and plan participants so they are fully informed about the performance of their retirement assets.
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