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Looking Ahead

Seeking to Protect the Assets You've Worked So Hard to Build

Estate and trust services-ViaWealth
Estate planning for affluent investors is not just about making sure that you have a will, trust, and insurance to protect your family and provide for them after you pass. It is never too early to add an estate plan to your financial and retirement plans. In fact, all three should be part of the same master planning process. 

Planning for all phases of life.....

The estate planning process should be based on the three phases of your financial life:

  • The Accumulation Phase (Your Working Years)

  • The Preservation Phase (Your Retirement Years)

  • The Distribution Phase (Your Legacy)

Protecting Your Legacy

Just about every person and/or couple has an estate that consists of what they own upon the demise of the surviving spouse. And since we know we can’t take the assets with us, the question that is answered in your estate plan is who gets the assets?

Your estate plan is a directive that includes three primary documents for both spouses:

  • Your last will and testament

  • Your durable power of attorney

  • Your advance health care directive

estate planning for affluent investors-ViaWealth

Your Estate Coordinator

One central point of contact.
The more substantial your estate the more you need a well-thought-out plan document that is administered by your Estate Plan Coordinator. ViaWealth can coordinate the advice that is provided to you by financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, and trustees. This will minimize duplicate expenses and conflicting advice.

Heirs, Charity, IRS

Comprehensive planning for all aspects for your estate.
We can help you maximize the amount of your estate that goes to your heirs and charities and minimize the amount that goes to the IRS. This takes some sophisticated planning due to the constant changes that are being made to the tax code.

Trust Services

When your needs are more complex.
We have a relationship with corporate trustees that we can introduce to you. The trustee you select is responsible for the administration of your estate plan and the directives of your legal documents.
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