Investment Philosophy 

ViaWealth’s investment philosophy is grounded in the values of patience, persistence, and discipline. We focus on long-term goals, manage risk, and incorporate the benefits of diversification to help our clients grow wealth and achieve their financial objectives.


Successful investing is measured in years, not months. We believe that long-term gains result from patience and are meaningfully dependent on how effectively a  portfolio withstands downturns.


We help our clients persistently maintain a holistic view of their investment horizon. We feel that focusing on meaningful objectives during challenging periods makes it easier to adhere to an investment plan.


Discipline in investing involves steady progress toward clearly defined goals.  The passage of time invested in financial markets arguably creates the majority of investment growth, not short-term trading or forecasting.

Focus on Long-Term Goals

We help our clients forego speculative short-term gains in favor of greater long-term returns. We assist our clients with selecting investments they can hold over time to help build wealth while preserving principal.

Rather than allowing short-term economic or financial news to drive significant portfolio changes, we align and adapt our client’s portfolios with their goals, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance.

Manage Risk

We carefully assess each client’s risk tolerance and capacity. The tradeoff between risk and reward is embedded throughout portfolio creation, including in the selection of each individual investment.

Incorporate the Benefits of Diversification

Since adequate diversification helps mitigate downside risk, our clients benefit from portfolio diversification in at least three ways, including:

  • Within asset classes
  • Across asset classes that behave differently under various market conditions
  • Globally across stocks, bonds, and other investments

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