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The modern investment experience in the 2020's is complicated, time-consuming, and volatile: when you have accumulated a substantial amount of money, you have more to lose.

It takes knowledgeable professionals and extraordinary resources to manage money in volatile markets.

We know this is true because of founders, Lance and Reid Larson, went through the process themselves as individual investors. They founded ViaWealth to provide investors with the high-touch experience they expected for their own assets.

The Larson brothers are no strangers to startups, either.  Before funding VIA, Reid and Lance both worked as entrepreneurs, building successful businesses for the last 20 years. Lance and Reid started ViaWealth because they wanted to provide a better wealth management experience to high-net-worth individuals and their families. They believe that clients deserve more than the “one-size-fits-all” solution that was provided by other firms. 

So, they built ViaWealth with the intention to provide each client with custom solutions tailored to their personal needs, goals, and risk tolerances. At the same time, they deliver a higher personalized level of service that put your best interests ahead of their own.  

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What does wealth mean to you?

Wealth means that I achieve my best life. It represents a life full of contentment and is immersed with friends, family, and ongoing adventures.
Reid Larson
To me, wealth means peace of mind, clarity, time with family and friends, the ability to pursue my passions and the passions of my loved ones, and ultimately to have a positive impact on the community.
Lance Larson

David & Janis
Larson Foundation

Lance and Reid Larson, together with their Mother, Janis “Jani” have been Trustees of the DJLF since 2013. The family has worked together to ensure that our Father’s vision is carried out. Since 2013, the DJLF has given over $90,000,000 to Institutions and Charitable Endowments that focus on Education, Health and Safety, Goodwill, Leadership, Athletics and Historical Preservation.


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