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Reid Larson

Wealth means that I achieve my best life. It represents a life full of contentment and is immersed with friends, family and ongoing adventures.

About Reid:

Reid was born in Kansas City and lived there until he was three years old, when his family moved to Minnetonka, MN. Reid enjoyed being raised in Minnesota and continues to embrace the Midwest values he encountered in various experiences of his childhood. Reid was involved with a variety of sports growing up and had extreme focus in hockey, baseball, and football. After graduating high school, Reid kept his Minnesota roots by attending the University of Minnesota Duluth. Prior to his senior year, Reid transferred to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus to finish his degrees in Organizational Management and Economics at the Carlson School of Management.

After graduating from the U of MN, Reid secured various sales and business development opportunities in manufacturing and production as well as with other prominent players in corporate America. Reid attributes his interpersonal skills to success within his roles with John Deere and Cargill Inc. During his twenty plus years in the corporate setting, Reid further developed his entrepreneurial attitude and always strived to be involved with up-and-coming new ideas in his roles. It was during this time that Reid set goals to start ViaWealth, LLC with his brother Lance. Reid currently oversees the Minneapolis office location while Lance manages the Kansas City operations.

Founded in 2018, ViaWealth is a SEC approved Registered Investment Advisor. We strive to provide the greatest client experience to truly help our clients learn how they think and feel about money. We want our clients to live richly and achieve their goals by applying a values based/ planning first approach.

Reid lives in Plymouth, Minnesota. He is an avid outdoorsman and has a passion for fishing, especially chasing the elusive muskellunge. His competitive nature is continually challenged while participating in a men’s hockey league and on the golf course. Reid also enjoys going up north and travel adventures.

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