Discover How You
Think & Feel
About Money

Our process helps you uncover your personal definition of wealth. From there, we’ll build a financial plan that allows you to enjoy the life you want while still achieving your financial goals.

We take the time to learn about your values and intentions in order to understand exactly what we can help you accomplish.

Tell us what wealth means to you, and we’ll help you build a financial plan tailored to your goals.

Visualize your goal
Integrate your plan
Achieve your potential

Values-Based Planning

As your fiduciary, we act in your best interest at all times, regardless of personal gain or loss. Many financial service providers are not bound by this rule, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, we take it a step further. Not only do we act in your best interest at all times, we also treat you the way that we would like to be treated, given the same goals. Time-tested plans and processes combined with transparent and efficient investment techniques ensure we are always doing our best for you.

  • Gain clarity around your intentions and goals so you can make informed, intentional decisions.
  • Create a plan to help achieve what matters most to you and your family.
  • Construct a personal, customized plan tailored to your individual preferences.

It takes time to truly understand your goals, objectives, timeline, and values. The journey is just as important as the destination. Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish and how you prefer to pursue your goals. From there, we’ll build a financial plan that fits your lifestyle.

Elevating Your Experience

Our process helps you visualize your goals and better understand how you and your loved ones feel about money.

MoneyMind® helps you understand how you and your loved ones relate to money.

  • Uncover your strengths and challenges with finances.
  • Capture profound insights that facilitate discussions with your loved ones.
  • Analyze spending, saving, and planning tendencies.

The HonestConversations® exercise helps focus you on the intersection between what matters to you and what you can control.

  • Identify and clarify your intentions, motivations, and goals.
  • Discuss the trade-offs around decisions and priorities.
  • Use scoring to track and update your progress.

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We always put your needs first. It’s not just our fiduciary responsibility –– it’s the right thing to do. The VIA-Life Plan can help you achieve your potential and reach your goals.


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